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Top Live Video Streaming Apps for Business in 2022

Yes, the live video streaming apps have taken a plunge over the traditional way of watching videos and shows.If you look back, finding something to watch was as simple as switching on the TV, flipping through channels, and selecting one of your favorite shows or movies.To get more news about 39bet-xsmb-xsmn-xsmt-nạp rút an toàn-lô đề, you can visit official website.

But now, video hosting platforms are the newest addition to the entertainment industry, and web streaming has taken a backseat.It is pretty clear that users are enjoying their favorite shows, movies, series, etc, on the OTT platform. There are multiple video streaming platforms today that give you the best quality video available on any device.
Are you confused about which is the best streaming platform to binge-watch?
Fret not! You have landed at the right place. This listicle will cover the list of top video streaming apps and everything you need to know about streaming business growth.
1. Netflix
As mentioned above, Netflix debuted House of Cards in 2013, the first original series of live streaming. Until then, it only showed content released already in cinema or television.By providing quality content, Netflix reached the heart of millions of users by streaming some of the popular shows like Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Narcos.
2. YouTube
This OTT app development supports pre-recorded videos and live streaming content with 2 billion audiences and 1 billion hours of video streaming by users every month.

Whether it is original Cobra Kai or ‘how-to’ videos, YouTube is the place. This platform has given a lot of interesting things to stay connected with like, the most popular music videos, games, movies, news entertainment, etc., for any age group.
3. Hulu
If TV shows are a thing, then Hulu is a video streaming app for showcasing those TV shows for you. Hulu’s library has a plethora of TV shows and movies to watch. You may also find old shows like How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, etc.
What makes Hulu business model different from Netflix is the daily streaming of NBC, Fox, and Disney shows. In contrast, Netflix uses a different strategy where the entire season of a specific show releases at once on the platform.
4. Amazon Prime Video
This live streaming app comes under the most popular e-commerce platform Amazon.Amazon prime video is more than just watching live videos. It has the facility to deliver your favorite items within two days and stream free music from the Amazon Music app. For new app users, a 30-day free trial is also applicable.
5. Twitch
Video streaming technology does not restrict to TV shows or movies; Twitch is a gaming live streaming service provider.Twitch was developed for users to play with other audiences instead of playing by themselves. Live streaming for games is currently the biggest thing in the gaming industry.

6. Tango
Tango is the world of social live streaming. Go live, make new friends, chat and discover new features to show your talent and interact with people worldwide.Broadcast your talent and start a career by earning money with a quick and simple payout. You can start a profitable business by giving a push to your hobby with Tango Live.
7. Facebook Live
Mark Zuckerberg launched the biggest social networking app in the world in 2015.A comedian Ricky Gervais went live from his bathtub, and that became a trademark yet awkward humor with over 800,000 watching live. Later, not only celebrities but even users made this thing a lot bigger.

As Mark Zuckerberg was a fan of life, he noticed that people have access to create live videos. Soon after, he announced the new Iive tab with its specs and features. It’s a ready-made audience for your page’s followers.
8. Instagram Live
One hundred million people use Instagram live to broadcast real-time videos and increase their followers. The only difference with the existing live streaming apps like Facebook Live and Periscope is that Instagram Live does not repeat the broadcast video once it ends.Even offices can think of an OTT app development. There are different ways brands can use this platform to enhance customer engagement by inviting an audience and interacting with them with live video.
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