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Z-Medica to Offer Clinically Proven Family of Hemostatic Products

Cardinal Health today announced a collaboration with Z-Medica that grants Cardinal Health exclusive rights to a family of hemostatic products for catheterization and interventional radiology procedures.To get more news about hemostatic gauze, you can visit rusuntacmed.com official website.

Under the terms of this collaboration, Cardinal Health will have exclusive rights to offer health care providers access to clinically-proven, effective, interventional hemostatic products including the QuikClot? Interventional Hemostatic Bandage? for femoral procedures, QuikClot? Radial Hemostatic Bandage? for radial procedures, and QuikClot? Interventional Hemostatic Bandage? with a Y-slit for use around central and PICC lines. These products will carry both the Cardinal Health and QuikClot? brand names.
In addition, Cardinal Health will represent and distribute Z-Medica’s other professional health care hemostatic products suitable for managing traumatic bleeding.

“At Cardinal Health we continually look for opportunities to bring healthcare providers clinically tested products that can help improve the quality of care,” said Lisa Ashby, president, Category Management at Cardinal Health “We are proud to jointly market QuikClot? products, and we’re confident that customers will be pleased with the substantial amount of clinical evidence that supports use of the QuikClot? family of hemostatic products.”

In clinical studies, Z-Medica QuikClot? hemostatic agents have been shown to deliver superior bleeding control in catheterization procedures and interventional radiology as well as traumatic and general healthcare applications. They have proven to be 98 percent effective in controlling interventional access site bleeding and 100 percent effective in interventional radiology, with no radial artery occlusion. When used in combination with applied pressure, QuikClot? products achieve clotting in five to eight minutes for most patients.

All QuikClot? bandages conform readily to the wound to absorb blood and maintain their integrity. QuikClot?Combat Gauze is the only product carried by all branches of the US Military to control life-threatening hemorrhage.

“QuikClot? has been shown to control bleeding quickly, safely and effectively in some of the most severe situations, including military combat and trauma,′ said Larry Hicks, Z-Medica’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our products are easy to use and store, making them the ideal option for healthcare professionals who want to provide the highest levels of bleeding control for their patients quickly and effectively. We are very pleased that Cardinal Health, a global leader in health care, has recognized the important advantages that QuikClot? delivers for both health care providers and patients. We are excited to work closely with Cardinal Health.”

The QuikClot? family of hemostatic products utilize kaolin, an inert mineral clinically proven to stop arterial and traumatic bleeding and accelerate the clotting process. QuikClot? products contain no animal components, have been used safely in cosmetic and consumer products, and have no contraindications.
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